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We have many ideas for stories of hardship, and here are some of the topics we will explore. But, we want to hear of your hardship stories, that ended is a positive way through being industrious. If you haven't got one, then add your ideas and comments about these we have in mind.

"Globalisation vs global industrialisation" - Is there any real difference?

"Margaret Thatcher" - Is she the only one who really understood our troubled times?

"Yorkshire Caviar" - This is almost unbelievable, could only happen in Gods country - Yorkshire'.

"Planet of the Apes" - What could go wrong if we fail.

"Marks & Spencer" - So you thought M&S started big? Think again and be inspired.

"Van Gough" - Yes, he really did cut off his ear. What really happened?

"HARD TIMES" Leeds - The inspiration for this column. Tell you more about this later.

"I remember when I was a boy"

"Must remember to write to granny" - A story of olden times, when nan had to be industrious.

"Industrious people" - A nod to the top people who made something big from not much.

"DIY" - Feel hard done by? Why it's good for you to do DIY.

"Hobbycraft" - Bored of the hard times? Industrious people always have creative hobbies - Makes you think in reality.

"Can't be bothered?" - The human mind is so creative, get industrious!

"Robots" - Friend or foe?

"Industrially Printed Furniture" - Yes, furniture printing, and not just the design on the face, is becoming a reality.

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